Competitive Advantages


For Developers

Developers seek the highest level of amenity services at competitive prices. Poor or limited service options hinder sales or leasing efforts. BTA’s market research, competitive analysis and negotiation method insure the property will feature state of the art services for years to come.   

For HOA's

Homeowner associations represent the needs and desires of the members. It’s imperative that the HOA clearly understands all available service and provider options with a detailed cost comparison analysis. BTA’s broad experience across multiple markets assures the HOA has all accurate data to present to the members during renewal periods.   

For Property Management Companies

Property management companies want satisfied residents and clients with as few complaints as possible. Having appropriate services delivered by quality service providers is key to resident satisfaction. BTA is instrumental in matching appropriate services with specific properties to meet targeted requirements.   

For Communities

All to often communities allow service providers to deliver their products and services with little or no supervision or contractual obligation. BTA listens to the goals and objectives of the community then reviews all possible options. In some cases there are over-looked revenue producing opportunities available to the community too. BTA has extensive knowledge and experience to assist the community in making the right decisions and right time to deliver the greatest benefit to the local citizens.