Who is Broadband Technology Advisors?

BTA is a group of senior industry professionals with extensive experience in the areas of broadband, video, voice and security solutions along with extensive backgrounds in infrastructure engineering, design and construction. BTA guides our clients through the design, budgeting and service provider selection process of all technologies to ensure their properties deliver the best possible resident or tenant experience at the lowest possible cost.    


Who needs broadband technology advisors?

Developers, HOAs, Property Management Companies and Communities dedicated to delivering the highest quality resident or tenant experience both now and in the years to come.  Technology related services from high-speed internet connectivity to video streaming services to cell phone coverage are essential for end-user satisfaction. All too often these services are not evaluated properly or overlooked entirely. Regardless of size, quality orientated properties must embrace current and emerging technologies evaluating all possible options every step of the way.  

why use broadband technology advisors?

Technology is ever advancing enabling new service offerings over new systems and platforms. Residents are extremely tech-savvy demanding the latest services, highest speeds and future-proofed designs. All too often properties are negatively impacted by lack of planning or outdated infrastructures. BTA partners with our clients throughout all phases of the design process, services and provider selection, cost comparisons and contract negotiations as well as comprehensive project management assistance.